It’s furry beavers & fuzzy nipple clamps until someone blows a coconut!

*sigh* Honest, that title is true! You can be zipping along at the warp speed of life and suddenly – ya’ blow a coconut and it all comes screeching to a terrifying halt.

No Shit, there I was!

The story of what happened; what took me down to the point of near death, and utterly devastated the end of November and begining of December for me is so epic…… It involves real pigs in a pig transport trailer, a Texas Pig Farmer and one trip to Board Game Heaven – and later Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and the CDC!

Maybe someday I’ll tell that story.

For today, you get this:

Life, It’s all furry beavers & fuzzy nipple clamps until somebody blows a coconut!

Public Service Announcement from your ever “No Shit There I Was” eensybeensyspider!

epicly weakened w00t,

PS: Serial Novel being published starting in 2013. Why yes, it is!

Taking a Moment for Me….

It’s been crazy busy lately. I’m not complaining, crazy busy comes with November and NaNoWriMo! I love it, I truly do! But tonight as I sat here working, I realized how much I’d adore just taking a moment for me. Isn’t that a luscious thought?

Ha ha ha, is it sad that even as I sit typing these words, being selfish enough to blog despite the fact I don’t have time to, and despite the fact I should not be wasting words on something that doesn’t grow my NaNoWriMo Word Count or increase and better hone the current manuscript I am ghostwriting; that I feel guilty?

Ugh what a sentence I just wrote…… eek.  < shaking head >

Anyway, I wanted to come post this photo I took of some colored pens I adore and keep out just to see their colorfulness, and which are covered in dust because life has been too busy for me to dust them. The photo sort of symbolizes a lot for me during the past year. Life has led me literally through ever color there is in life, and most times I was covered in grimey dust as it led me down those paths of color.

Crazy, but true.

I’d tell you all about it, but shit you not, you wouldn’t believe me. Suffice to say, I’ve learned a lot. More then I ever felt capable of learning and accepting. Now I begin each day with an intrepid step forward simply because I must.  Soon I’ll share some things, once I am able to tap that wellspring of emotion I rarely show to the outside world. For now though I’ll just be a colorfully dusty eensybeensyspider, one who tries but can’t quite visualize what precisely I’d do if I had a moment for me.

Epic w00t,


Trying for 13 years now!

Trying for 13 years now!

Me, the eensybeensyspider aka Cylithria at the Night of Writing Dangerously 2011 being busted for 12 years of Literary Abandon. This year I shoot for 13!


It’s that time folks, time for National Novel Writing Month.


Epic w00t,



What it isn’t…

I am a nut...
It isn’t the tears you’ve cried, the pain you’ve felt, or the abject terror you’ve endured that defines you.  It’s your ability to say boldly, “I cried, hurt, and feared; yet I’m moving forward!” and then act, that makes you who you are!
I am and always will be Cylithria; no more, no less!
Stay tuned for the live blogging of my Camp NaNoWriMo June, 2012 Novel: Born in a Barn
Raw, rugged, un-spell or grammar checked, and blogged in it’s ugly first draft phase; Born in a Barn will hopefully be a romance…..or it will become what it does… 30 Days and 50,000 words will tell.
Cylithria – the eensybeensyspider