About Cylithria

Cylithria Dubois, also known as The eensybeensyspider

Cylithria Dubois

~The eensybeensyspider


Hiya! My name is Cylithria Dubois. I’m a Ghostwriter by trade now, but over the years I’ve held many a various title or position.

I am the Community Liaison for NaNoEdMo.net where I manage our Red Pen Luminaries and Moderators as well as our Social Networks and our Forums.

At NaNoWriMo they call me The eensybeensyspider. I am a Municipal Liaison in the USA::Missouri:: Kansas City Metro Region. Over the NaNo Years I’ve worn many hats, ranging from Camp NaNoWriMo Counseling Spider, to Beta Bugger Hive Jiver, as well as being a staff member of The Office of Letters and Light as their YWP Moderator for The Young Writers Program in 2011.

For Penguicon Open Source Software and Sci-Fi ConventionI am known as Lithie and I am the Head of Hospitality. ThereI run the Consuite, which provides a 24 hour pit stop for over 1400+ Con Attendees. Food, Drink and Friendship are often on the menu, and crazy is always the desert!

Incredibily, I do what I love!

Besides being an avid writer and volunteer for literacy programs, I am Board Gamer, and Open Source Software/Hacker/Maker Geek.

I do not know how to be defeated, although I’ve often failed. I am unable to quit, because I see each new moment as a beginning, whereas quitting comes at an end. I don’t believe in taking steps in this world. I make my steps because I believe what we make, stays with us forever.

I’m just me, no more – no less!


Bragging rights

I am the eensybeensyspider and uncanny – OORAH!



  Ghost Writer, Freelancer, Motivational Consultant,  Community Liaison for National Novel Editing Month, Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month, and Head of Hospitality/Convention Committee Member for Penguicon, and various assorted sundries.

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