What it isn’t…

I am a nut...
It isn’t the tears you’ve cried, the pain you’ve felt, or the abject terror you’ve endured that defines you.  It’s your ability to say boldly, “I cried, hurt, and feared; yet I’m moving forward!” and then act, that makes you who you are!
I am and always will be Cylithria; no more, no less!
Stay tuned for the live blogging of my Camp NaNoWriMo June, 2012 Novel: Born in a Barn
Raw, rugged, un-spell or grammar checked, and blogged in it’s ugly first draft phase; Born in a Barn will hopefully be a romance…..or it will become what it does… 30 Days and 50,000 words will tell.
Cylithria – the eensybeensyspider

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