Insanely Addicted

For whatever reason lately, I’ve been addicted to writing on my Ipad, or CyPad as I call her. Where you might find the eensybeensyspider on the Interwebz :D I  have been sick, having caught a nasty virus that knocked me out for over a week. During that time, I could barely get out of bed. Feeling guilty for not getting any work done, I’d brought the new CyPad to the bedroom with me to try and get some work done. Of course my brain was so fried from the fever, I could not think, let alone think well enough to work, so I sat with a text editor open, and typed – whatever came to mind.

Well, what has happened during that odd, barely able to form cohesive thought phase, is I have become addicted to writing on the CyPad.

Late at night, early in the am, whenever I am able to carve a 5 minute or more moment out of my uber too busy day, I write on my CyPad.

I love this. I simply can not tell you how much I love CyPad for writing. I’ve no games on it, no doodads to connect me to social sites, nothing like that. Me, a text editor, Cypad and a story.

Hell to the Nine Yeahs!


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